Wednesday, January 28, 2009



So this is Edna out for a romp in the snow, she plays ball, leaps through the snow lays in the snow and overall just really loves it. She will lay out in the snow for an hour easily. A snowy day like today is really all about slowing down. Often it seems that is what weather does for us,makes us slow down. When It snows heavily we need to drive slower, we are more careful, intentional in what we do. Often the snow cancels our busy schedules and leaves us with time to complete something un-expected. Snow, big snow is quiet. If the wind is not blowing outside it is such an acoustic insulator that all is very quiet, coupled with less people on the roads and it is just quieter, slower, soup on the stove and bread in the oven.
We had school today but afterschool/evening canceled. We got between 10-12 inches and it is just letting up now. No birds around today. Usually when it is stormy they are all over but not today- again it was quiet.

So this is a Gingerbread House from Christmas in a Snowstorm, it is snowed in for sure, the candies are starting to melt, coloring the snow. The squirrels, birds and dog are leaving it alone. Often the Crows are after it, not this year. Only have 3 more of these in the house.

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