Friday, January 30, 2009

Invisible Time

This is not the best photo I have of this lovely Bleeding Heart plant in my early Spring garden ( still months away) but it is a breath of inspiration that yes, in the midst of a great snowy winter, spring will come again.

So, I am thinking about Invisible Time. As I was reading a section in Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry - Katrina Kenison it was discussing
"invisible time" all those times that we are nurturing, negotiating, mothering that really can't be accounted for if we were trying to categorize them. It is the simple act of being there. Perhaps it is the unplanned sitting to watch something- a bug, a movie, pitching, Perhaps it is the band aids, hugs, the sitting after a boo-boo that still arms wrapped around a small or not so small body make all the difference in the world. My husband and I learned early on that our sheer presence could be as effective as great pain killers after having a infant in the PICU unit. So I really loved how this very wise author put a name to all those countless moments - "Invisible time" to quote her "This is the divine work we mothers do; perhaps,for a time, it is our vocation-taking care of the invisible."

I really enjoyed reading this book, and was able to finish it this morning. I have so many areas underlined and a copy on order for a dear friend. 228 pages with varying size chapters, you can read straight through or stop & start with chapters of your choice. I know it will be one I will turn back to often.

Enjoy your day.

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