Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crunchy Snow,Brr!

So today it is a high of 10 in our neck of the woods. It was -1 this AM with a wind chill of -7. We need it to be a wind chill of -25 to -40 for school to close based on cold alone. Now if we mix in blowing snow and poor visibility it is a whole different story. The kids live for a SNOW day- sleep in , PJ's all day, fresh homemade bread, a totally "do nothing day" that is a real gift! We expect to be in the deep freeze for 3-4 days then it will get up to the 20's for a while. I don't mind the cold all that much. I would rather have it than the unbearable heat & humidity of the summer. With the cold I can put on all the right clothes, quilts, sit by the Fire. I can still be productive.
With the heat, I am just a wet ragg.
So this is our wood sled. Once it is cold like this it glides over the snow bringing us pile of wood after wood which brings us lovely warmth. We are burning ash, beech,maple, oak this winter. Finally some clean wood unlike the last several years.
Today's snow is Crunchy due to the low humidity and frigid temperatures. Yesterday we had a high of 35 and we had Wet snow, enough to make snowballs and such. That makes it rather treacherous for walking without good tread as it becomes like Ice. I took a nice long hike with Edna though as I knew that the next few days would probably be to cold for hiking.

Now this is part of what is going in to a very simple Winter napping quilt. So many napping quilts in the house are for really small people who have now grown big. Whereas I lack the time to do something very complex, I can work with these big 10 inch squares and make a very nice warm quilt. I will show a picture another day.
Today is all about defrosting the Freezer and re-organizing the Tupperware cupboard, thankless tasks. Have a great day!!

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