Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Antique/Old Quilt

So this is my bargain. I have never purchased an old quilt but for less than $20 how could I pass it up? I thought the pattern was Clays choice but it is not,I have not had enough time to figure it out and look it up. It is hand quilted and has tears and holes but is in not half bad shape. Some of the pattern cloth looks like feed sacks and the white background reminds me of a mattress Pad but it is not. I need to wash it gently for starters.
The thing about quilts- especially old quilts is that every quilt has a story, Who was the maker?, Why did they make it? Who was it for? Where did the fabric come from? When did they have time to make it? What was going on in there lives when they made it? What season was it, did that influence them? I think about all the quilts i have made and the answers to them . . . . the seasons of nature highly influence my color choices. The issues going on in my life get sorted out while I make it. Sometimes an issue is why I make it. So Who made this quilt and why? and when?
Will I ever know? Of course there is no label. Let that be a lesson to me to get labels on all my quilts. The stories are what make Quilts magic.

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