Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This was part of my birthday gift form Flowergirl. It looks so real, like I can reach out and touch it. It is done with colored pencil I believe. I love all the detail on the warts. I also received some other artwork that I will show at another time. Slugger and Yoda both made me family portraits which I love!! Birthdays are always kind of strange. this one was very nice.

My mom told me it was very snowy when I was born, the roads were snow covered and not well taken care of. I know I was born in the morning, that the hospital was very full and they did not have room for us at first. My mom roomed with a lovely women who had a daughter the day before and we became good friends growing up although once college hit and a divorce for the family the relationship was mostly lost but I have the best memories of my birthday friend. They always gave me Iron banks in the shapes of animals. Pig, lamb, dog, cat, you get the picture.

Well for now- need to move on. The crows this morning are drinking out of our Sump pump area on the lawn right outside my window- tried to get a picture without luck, as I raise the camera they detect the movement and fly away. A brisk 4 degrees here this AM.

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