Monday, February 9, 2009

Time, Derby Time

Well last Friday 2/6 was a very busy day and least of all was Pinewood derby time.
After weeks of planning, sanding, painting, creating the race was on. First was going to help set up the race track and chairs around it. Then a detour for Baseball draft and then back for the race!! We had the Pepsi car and it was a close race every time. We came in first a few times ad second. The prize for coming in first is to arrange the Blue and Gold dinner. Typically not a choice spot to be. Usually reserved for the parent who helped their child to much with his car.

Time- I have been thinking of this as it seems that much revolves around it. Time is all we have.
My favorite thought about time: (and love)
The best use of life is love.
The best expression of love is time.
The best time to love is now.

We are either on time or not - that could be a whole subject in itself!!
We are clock watchers- when do we need to be where, will we be there on time? Will we have enough time to do the activity?
Lunchtime, bedtime, bus time, reading time, suppertime, play time, music time, churchtime, nature time, Work time, so many things require our time . . . . house, kids, chores, meal prep/clean up, how do we ever begin to decide how we spend our time? Are we spending it in the most beneficial way for us or for our loved ones?
How do we decide? Clearly how we spend our time defines us. Do we spend all, nothing or somewhere in between on our kids? on our self, on work?
How do we get to Balance? Clearly there are more questions here than answers.

I believe that time is the great equalizer, we need to decide just how we will spend our precious time. Family time, Creative time, Outdoor time are all very important to me. Figuring out how to handle all the other "times" is the challenge. We need to be good prioritizers, and good at being focused and on task to do the less desirable tasks leaving time for the more desirable. Utilizing our resources is a good help for this. Ie: delegating to kids for things that they can do. Working smarter not harder, staying ahead of the clutter ( not sure that is possible) staying on task with routines. Time management, a key component in our lives but seldom taught as a routine item to children & youth. May your time today be well spent.

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. ~Carl Sandburg

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