Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring signs #1

Early signs of spring are always a real treat. They give us hope even if we still have weeks more of winter in reality. We usually get several good March storms.
So we are enjoying all that nature gives us on these rare not quite spring days, the sun has been magnificent the last few days and although it is more like Mud season outside at the moment we will take it.

Ok- Photo 1 from the top - sprouts of purple early Iris I think.
Photo 2- Stonecrop which is a fall flower but sets its new growth very early in the season.
Photo 3 Heleborus- Lenten Rose- check back as it gets closer for the beautiful flowers it will share with us.
Photo 4 the remaining snow Pile- wonder how long it will last.

It is supposed to be mild here all week, that means a wet basement in this 187 year old house of ours. It also means not much chance of shoveling while the Hiker is out of town.

One last sign- Slugger and Hiker went camping this weekend with the Troop to our Maple Syrup Farm to string more lines- hoping to add 200 more taps. They used all the supplies they had and even though it was early February it was warm enough that the sap was running- none of the Maple farmers are ready for this. All the lines still need to be flushed with red wine vinegar. All the trees need to be tapped for the year and spickets placed in them. yes the tents were in the snowy,muddy mess of February. And lots of mud came home to Chestnut Hill!!

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