Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Golden Larches

It has been so lovely to watch the days growing longer. More sunshine in the air and some early signs of change. While it is still 26 days until official spring and I am sure many more inches of snow, it is still good to see change. There is much more bird activity as well. Many birds are returning, there is more birdsong and the owls are active calling at night as well. I have seen Blue Birds regularly for about 3 weeks now. Such a flash of color in a rather plain landscape. There is a lot of golden hues, dusky green and brown gray in the landscape right now. The blue skies have been such a treat.

When we were hiking this weekend there were clusters of Golden larches. You can always find them as they have a beautiful tree shape most of the time. They are a deciduous Conifer. The needles are in a star shape on the branches. They are varying shades of green until late Autumn when they turn to a brilliant shade of golden.
There is a link below to more information. I could not find a good photo. What is your favorite Tree and Why, I wonder?

That is hard, I love Sugar Maples for the sweet treat they produce. I enjoy our Horse Chestnut trees as they are survivors, and we love the nuts in the fall. another favorite old tree is the Osage Orange Tree. Native but over harvested adn not seen often today.

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