Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Everyday

The everyday is so very special, I know I have talked about it often. It is the little things we do , say and see everyday that make up our whole. When we begin to not notice them - we are missing a big part of life. that is whay when outdoors camping we enjoy it so much as it is the everyday right there in front of us. I may not remember a special oufit as time goes on but I will remember all the plastic cups on my counter near the sink adn the shoes that are strewn everywhere and that I always am trying to grab a few moments at the sewing machine. the seasonal decorations at our home is a big thing. Less now that the kids are bigger and more active but they are there none the less to mark the passing of seasons and holidays. We all enjoy them and look forward to what comes next. Take Time to notice the everyday and make it our own. Celebrate the ordinary , it becomes the Extraordinary.

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