Friday, October 1, 2010

In progress . . .

In progress . . . . you could call that my life. There are always so many projects, homework, food, groups we are involved in that are "in progress" I suppose we are fortunate to be in that position, we are blessed with resources to make that happen and friends and family to cook for and be with and create for.
Cards are for a Creative group and Ronald Mc Donald group,

Soldiers for a Trade Fair at school for Yoda- he is making them himself. This is so they can experience the bartering system as part of Social studies.
Quilt top needs to be stitched then layered and quilted, a Christmas gift me thinks.

Fall is here as the days are shorter, shadows longer and earlier. I have a picture of my Horse Chestnut Tree in bloom right now though- what does that mean? Lots of mushrooms this fall it seems. Golden rod and roadside asters are fading gently as the leaves fall. The fall colors so far are splendid and hopefully if we get a sunny day I can go for a drive, Enjoy the weekend that is upon you!

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