Monday, October 11, 2010


Traditions- What are they? Why are they important? Do they have a place or should everything always be new and different?

Simple Chestnut Hill traditions;
Family dinner grace, Birthday celebrations, Holiday or seasonal celebrations, vacation locations
Saturday AM Pancakes Sunday night Popcorn and movies, stomping on Horse Chestnuts out front, picking sweet violets in the spring, roasting corn on the campfire, picking lilacs, making Birthday hats, custom Pillowcases.

Below is what Wikipedia has to say on the subject.
  1. Beliefs or customs taught by one generation to the next, often orally. For example, we can speak of the tradition of sending birth announcements, and family traditions at Christmas.
  2. Beliefs, customs and practices maintained by social interaction, such as saying "thank you", sending birth announcements, greeting cards, etc.
  3. Beliefs, customs and practices maintained by societies and governments, such as Federal holidays in the United States.
  4. Beliefs, customs and practices maintained by religious denominations and church bodies that share history, customs, culture, and, to some extent, body of teachings. For example, one can speak of Islam's Sufi tradition or Christianity's Lutheran tradition.
  5. Beliefs, customs and practices that are Prehistoric or have lost/arcane origins, such as trade, the teaching of language and education in general.

Traditions serve to preserve a wide range of culturally significant ideas, specific practices and the various methods used by distinct cultures. The word tradition comes from the Latin traditionem which is the accusative case of traditio which means "handing over, passing on".

What tradtions do you hold on to and pass on ?
Are you a tradition lover or a change, have it all new lover?

I like to think I am a mix. I am probably heavier on tradition. I do not need it all new and different but I do like to mix it up a bit. I enjoy many of the things we do year to year, they can be like glue to bond us together. I wonder what things we do now that will be carried on in the future? What new things will become tradition? There is something comforting to the familar. that cup of hot cocoa upon bringing home the tree for Christmas. I think going new places is exciting but love doing the repeatable and seeing how it changes as we as a fmaily grows and changes.
Fall is fast fading . . . . we have been to pick Apples, get pumpkins, still ahve decorating halloween cookies and carving pumpkins. What will you do?

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