Saturday, October 23, 2010

Full Moon

Full Spooky, Hunters, Falling Leaves Moon 2010
We were at Genesee Country Museum for Spirits of the Past Tour last evening, we traveled among the living and the dead this spooky night and heard tales of long ago that happened on this then Pioneer Frontier. This was Yoda's first time at this event. All the stops were new this year. The village was magnificent in the evening of a Full Moon. We kept tight together as a group as you never know what lurks in the hedgerow or behind a tree. We were solicited to buy jewelery of the dead from some grave diggers. We enjoyed a few Hearth fires in some of the homes and heard a number of tales of Spooky times. When we had left this late 1800's Mansion after listening to a distraught mother about her young son who was there in the coffin, I turned around and wow the illumination of the full Moon behind this rather spooky looking Haunted house was breathtaking. Boo - whoo's out there tonight, it should be another great moon viewing night.

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IsobelleGoLightly said...

What fun! We love that museum!