Monday, October 4, 2010


Summer has definitely slipped away. The house is getting cooler by the day, the wood stove is calling to be lighted. It seems that just yesterday we were basking in the Summer's heat, sun and glow. Gone are the summer afternoons of Ice Tea, Ice Cream cones and stretching out in the sun. The trees are putting on quite a show in their colorful splendor. The colors are very rich this year. Even though it is very early in the Fall season , I can see and feel hints of the Winter to come. Somehow I am not ready this year for the days on hunkering in, battling the snow and wind and cold to get out and about. I am still waiting for my Indian summer. These days we are not sure how to dress, short or long sleeve, wool? We are in that stage where you need it all. Feet that have been unclothed all summer now need to find socks and shoes again. Miday can still be gentle and warm but early AM and PM are getting cold and frosty. Gloves are even in the picture for early morning Dog walks. Seasons they tell us of the passing of time. They remind us to not be idle in our lives but to get out and enjoy all that life and nature have to offer for just as a passing season so are our life seasons passing. Be sure not to miss all of the splendor and the tiny everyday moments as we travel season to season.

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