Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feathered Friend


Hootie arrived somewhere in the last couple of days or weeks, I noticed him on Saturday Evening. Hootie is an Eastern Screech Owl native to this area. He resides in this big Pine in the front yard. To our delight the hole he resides in faces the house and we can view him from the living room or the second story bedroom. He is usually in his hole early AM and then late afternoon until dusk. Sometimes he sings his Trilling like song. Sometimes when he is in his hole he has hi s eye open and watches us and the cat. Other times he clearly is sleeping. Unfortunately my camera cannot get a really clear shot of him. Yoda is studying Owls right now in Science and this is great fun. Sometimes we have had Great Horned Owl in some pines out back and occasionally in the summer we hear a Barn Owl- there sound is like no other. If you follow the links highlighted- you can listen to the owls and see better up close pictures of them.
We enjoy having him stay so close. He usually arrives this time of year and leaves around Valentines day when he goes off to find his mate per my reading. He has been consistent in his arrivals and departures over the last 3-4 years. This is one of the perks of living rurally.
It will be a splendid 70 + degree day today. For October 26th that is really something. I am hoping to get out and enjoy it!

The links for both Great horned and Barn work but I went in and re-did the eastern Screech owl and no luck. If you go to one of the ohter owls you can get to the Eastern screech from there.


IsobelleGoLightly said...

That's so nice that you have an owl friend! We hear them around here, and sometimes they fly around too! Those were my lady's mom's Solomon Seal that were so golden. Some years they don't turn color but this year they sure did. She said they were descended from the orignal Solomon Seal. They are located in partial shade/sun.

Harrison said...

The link is broken

Sarah said...

How lucky you are to find his hole. We have several owls living around us, but rarely see them.