Monday, May 4, 2009

April Showers bring May Flowers

Bleeding Hearts

Spurge from my Grandparents Farm also called Pot of Gold

Crown Imperial - bueaty of a bulb and the scent deters moles and other Bulb destroying varments.

Lilacs are a coming, a little more each day!!

There is so much happening outside right now it is hard to keep up. Everyday or night the Trees unfurl a little more. by weeks end we will have shade again. The flowering trees are fast at work. So many shades of pink and white. so many early spring wild flowers that blossum and then are gone. I totally love this time of year and wish it would last a little longer. So many adventures to go out and be seen, so many changes. So many good scents. Make sure you make room for outside time green time each and every day!! Love hanging that laundry out- gets you outside and it costs nothing to dry your laundry!!

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