Thursday, May 7, 2009

Drawing skill or talent?

Many people, mostly adults say- "oh I can't draw", " I don't have talent for that" is that true?
What do you Think?
Here are links to two artists that think we all have talent. Mo Willems interview on NPR. Go take a look and Listen , it is only 5 minutes. Secondly is Danny Gregory - his website and his book The Creative License basically his premise is that we all drive cars and we get better the more we drive, the same goes for drawing, we all have the potential if we just harness it and utilize it. Now I will agree some people are gifted to a degree but I also think we all have talent we just need to practice and share it. What if we all drew something everyday in lieu of more time on the computer? Have you ever received an Illustrated letter? It is really something to behold. Pictures and words all on the same page. I like to not only give but receive them. Recording how you spend your time in drawing and words is significant. A drawing no matter how basic will bring you back to when you were there. My Slugger boy is on his way to Boston on a school trip, I hope he makes a few sketches but I am not sure that he will.
So much energy this morning as they were all getting on the buses. No goodbyes or looking back, just chatter and hurrying to get on the buses and get settled. The anticipation is always the best isn't it? To be young again. Rainy here, gray no sun today I am afraid! Cleaning and knitting are on the schedule . . . . Jack Johnson and Jimmy Buffet on the Tunes. Ciao!!

This is a drawing of Edna by Slugger, quite good.

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