Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mid- Spring

What is Mid - Spring?

Well it is that time when it is not quite summer yet but most of the Trees are leafed out, things are almost completely woken up. Days are warm, and nights are cool. Birds are active, they are singing a lot. Lawn needs to be mowed frequently, Baseball is in full swing, everything is nesting or has just had their young. Peepers are still peeping on warm nights. Dandelions are beautiful! Lilacs are in full bloom and the yard smells heavenly, the Lily of the Valley is almost out. Everything is finally green again. Only 41 days until the Summer Solstice!! Mid Spring we are indeed. I think a Fairy House is in order this week.
Other plans for the week, Trip to the art store, baseball games, lawn mowing, trip to Lilac festival, Swimming Merit Badge, Quilt Lunch at the Country Club, Knitting class, more nature and garden photos, spring tea!! Finish the Sachets for Mothers day!!

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