Thursday, May 14, 2009

What are we doing these days?

In the garden . . . . . weeding, planting perennials, getting pots by the doors ready,buying new plants, cutting back the grasses, spreading cocoa mulch

In school . . . . .Poetry units, division, raising butterfly's, Science Project, final art projects

In the kitchen . . . .making cookies,

We are reading . . . . Yoda- captain underpants Slugger- Biography on FDR Flowergirl- new Rick Riordan novel Mama- Dad- White City

In scouts . . . . going on a campout nearby with lots of poison Ivy, getting ready for the Firemans carnival,

With our Hands . . . . knitting a jacket, sewing, creating cards, making a book for Studio in Art- by Flower girl, Playing baseball for Slugger and Yoda and still working on Lifeguard class for Hiker.

What are we seeing . . . . new life everywhere, trees budding, flowers adding subtle color,

What are our plans . . . . Concert for Slugger, campout for Slugger, go see the Lilacs . . go see Star Trek movie, mow lawn, plant plants, teach Sunday school,

Life moves at a fast pace, trying to keep up with it all is a challenge, how do we do the things we love, do the things we need to do and keep balance?

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