Friday, May 15, 2009

Field Trip Friday

Off to the Dentist and to Local Campout for this Friday!
Maybe the Lilac Festival for the non- campers we'll see!

This is a very lovely local spot that teh Boy scouts can go to. It is well preserved and relatively untouched.
There is a lot of poison Ivy there but you can get around it. last time I was there I saw a Great Blue Heron up really close.

The weather is not supposed to be terrific but adversity builds strength and teaches lessons. Cold and wet, you will learn what socks keep you the warmest.

I heard that Deep Fried Oreos are on the list for food/treat, that I can do without. I like simple foods but to 11-13 year olds I am sure that it si yummy!

Wherever you go or whatever you do this weekend, I hope it is terrific. Be sure to get outside even if the weather is not terrific- you will see or hear or smell something new!

These are photos from the rip to this location last year! ooh just gotta love it!

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