Friday, May 29, 2009

Theres no place like Home

Our Humble home built in 1822 most likely as a log Cabin and then expanded into Plank wood. It was built in three parts, the center, the front and then the far back. The center section still has logs for rafters in the roof. There is a lot of post and Beam exposed in the stairway, bedroom and bathroom. I have been thinking and talking about the house history this week as a 4th grader choose our house to do a report on . I gave him as much as I know which is not much and a bunch of photos. We know this was an old Stone Quarry. We have all kinds of rock on the property and you can see where the hill is carved out next door. It was a big farm, barns across the road. 3 wells. We know where the outhouses were and have recovered some interesting things from the dump area. We wonder a lot of things- how many kids, animals, did house members fighting the Civil war? Where did they come from in New England? When you live in an old house there are always questions. All those that have come before - what did they think, what did they stand for,what hardships did they endure? What stories do these walls have to tell? What have they seen? We are Recycling, re purposing at its best, but we have no closets, no garage, damp basement and lots of insects!!

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