Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Theme Days

What are summer theme days you Ask???
They are simply a day devoted to one particular topic.

  • Fish
  • Ice Cream
  • Rainbows
  • Flowers
  • Mexico
  • Leaves
  • Colors
  • Things that Fly

Then there is:
  • A field Trip
  • Craft/Art project
  • Foods to go with theme
  • Books to go with theme
  • Other activity

So - Fish Theme
Go to Fish Hatchery or Pet store
Eat Gold fish, fish sticks, fish shaped cookies
Make edible fish tank
Print Fish
Fish T-shirts
Make a book about fish
Make Rianbow Fish
Fish windsock
One fish two fish
Little lost fish
Coral Reef
Rainbow Fish
Watch: Rainbow fish or other. .. .
Actually Go Fishing

When my kids were younger I did this quite often. Now they are older it is not frequent but they are a creative bunch and with some modifications it can still happen.
When we did Ice Cream day- we inventoried all the Ice Cream in the house adn they made a big poster with what was available just like at the Ice Cream store. We made homemade ICe Cream and foam Magnet Ice Cream cones.

Oh and I remember Watermelon day too!!
Not every day is a theme day but now and then keeps you focused gives you something to plan and look forward to! Kinda like Field trip Friday- we are going somewhere near or far but always an adventure!

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