Friday, May 1, 2009

Weeds or Beauty?

I have been mowing the lawn a lot lately. The Riding mower is not operable . . . so it is the smaller Toro push mower with a lot of lawn to mow. The pull cord is giving my right arm a work out. . .
Anyway mowing is one of those activities that provides a lot of "think" time. " Think Time" defined as lost in thought, not concentrating on a thousand things so your mind can actually focus and tell you what you need to know. The view while mowing is rather lovely right now. All the trees are bursting into blossom and there are vivid yellow Dandelions all over the lawn. I love Dandelions. They are Edible, in salad, stewed or you can make wine from them. Kids love to pick them for Royal bouquets and necklaces . .. bees love to pollinate them, I wonder if there is such a thing as Dandelion Honey?
As I look at my weedy lawn . . . . as it has more than just gallant dandelions . . . I wonder what is wrong with all these "weeds" ? Do they not have a place in the Choir? What did our ancestors do with their lawns to prevent weeds? Did they not utilize the weeds in fact for some other purpose? Do we need chemical weed control? What does having a perfect weed free lawn really say about us, who we are? and how we spend our time? It makes me think about comments from other adults such as " I hope that student put in my child's class is not just another "filler", or my child is not used to being with that "caliber" of kids. As we talk of "Filler" and "Caliber" kids is that not like the "weeds" in my lawn? Are my beautiful Dandelions of a lesser Caliber or just "fillers"? What do you think? I think we had best check our tongues and think before we speak.

One never knows when that weed indeed becomes a Beauty or wins the Noble Peace Prize. Even the weeds have a purpose and a place. Let us not forget this, in this busy world of today.

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