Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring Creatures

Just as the Earth is waking up and putting on its spring best in color and style so are the creatures. The gold finches have gotten their coats back form the cleaners and are Bright and Beautiful. One of my favorite Authors for Nature Stories for Children is Thorton W. Burgess he is from Sandwich, Mass. He has a Museum, Nature center and jam kitchen there. His books Old Mother West Wind and many other super ones can be found on We also really like The Burgess Bird Book for Children. Tells about all the Birds coming North, when they arrive and what type of Nest they build. Very Accurate in the information they give. I see Blue birds daily and have seen baby geese this week and Pine Siskins but no Mockingbirds as yet. Chatter the Red Squirrel was here for a visit, which reminds me of another favorite author, Beatrix Potter. She Characterizes the Red Squirrel as Squirrel Nutkin, a very busy fellow who bothers wise old Owl. Snails, slugs , worms well they are all about but there are not many stories written about them. Hope you are enjoying the new things that spring brings. getting out in the early morning is the best but any time will do, get out and enjoy.

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