Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Show me

Don't just tell me, Show me. I must say this a 1,000 times. What do I mean?
I mean if you tell me that you will be ready on time, that you will get out of bed, put away your clothes, feed the dog, pick up poop, be on time, get in the shower, help with dinner, pick up toys put wrappers in the garbage . . . . then actually do it, show me that you will indeed do it. You see in this life it is not good enough to just say that we will do it, we really need to be able to show others that we mean it and that we will follow through. Being Responsible is a very important characteristic to have. You need it to meet deadlines, finish projects, be where you say you will be and other things. It is like "Show me the money" don't tell me you have enough to do this or that prove it. I know it must seem trivial but it is a really important concept. If you tell me you have seen a special bird, will I believe it if I do not see it? maybe yes, maybe no but if I see it too, than I will believe it and you will become more credible. It is a good thing to be trusted and be able to be relied on. People like that. Interpersonal skills cannot be underestimated. They are crucial to every aspect of life. So learn to be responsible, learn to follow through and life will be kind to you. Don't keep telling me this will make a great garden, take the steps necessary to amake it a great garden!

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